Thank you for stopping by!  Whether you wandered here by accident or navigated by choice, I hope you’ll feel at home.

Many of my favorite memories involve books. Staying up late into the night to finish reading a captivating story. Stepping into the past/struggling to return to the present. Lost in lands that I could only visit in a novel, and then maybe again in my dreams. If you have similar memories, we are probably (as one of my favorite characters put it) kindred spirits.

You might like it here if you…

wandered the English moors

chased butterflies in the Limberlost

transformed the attic into a stage for a play. 

Maybe you…

marveled at picturesque Monte Carlo

thrilled for a fireside chat with your temperamental employer

Or perhaps you…

listened to Pa play his fiddle in your frontier cabin

strolled arm in arm with your favorite friend as you passed the Lake of Shining Waters.

If you visited any of these places in the books you’ve read, then it is my hope that my stories bring a sense of the wonder and whimsy (the second is a given, wink, wink) when stepping into those timeless places.  Where faith was embraced and even talked about.

My promise and conviction is to deliver clean, wholesome, faith-focused stories to young adult readers and to those who are young at heart.  Step into the past with me and revisit our old favorites, and maybe discover some new favorites along the way.