The Circle of (the Writing) Life…And an Excerpt

Fast forward three children (they seem to have grown in a flash) and this writing pursuit slowed to a jog.  Like the old game "Kick the Can",  I had periods of lightning strike velocities, and then periods of slow skips to a halt.


So, You Call Yourself a Writer…

Year after year, I claim the writer title with some trepidation, though I am working more consistently on projects than I have ever done in my life.   The resistance to embracing it probably stems from the rooted fear of never being able to upgrade that title to author.

Oh, the Places I’ve Been

I'm not sure when I became such a lover of history.  I didn't love history in school. Certain periods, yes, classes in general, not so much.  Living and visiting the places I have, I wish I had understood the significance of those sites.   I know my parents emphasized the significance of visiting Pompeii, and…